Plant Based Living

Healing At Your Finger Tips

The entire premise of the ADCA Program is centered around whole foods and nutrition. We believe that proper nutrition is the key to holistic health and wellness. Before modern medicine, food was all we had. Hippocrates said "Let food be thy medicine, let medicine be thy food." In other words, what we ingest has the potential to give, or take life. As such, we suggest you immediately begin implementing the following:

1. Fresh, green vegetables. 

Focus your diet around plant foods, especially fresh green vegetables, which are high in micronutrients. Choose greens such as arugula, kale, amaranth, and dandelion greens. These greens are all alkaline and full of essential vitamins.

2. Avoid Hybrid Foods. 

Ahhhh…. the controversy begins. All of our lives we have been taught that broccoli, cauliflower, carrots and other hydrid foods are good for us. They are staples in almost every "diet" in the U.S. However, the ADCA Program forbids them. Hybrid foods are not permitted nor suggested for optimum health. Other types of hybrid foods include: Seedless apples, bananas, several date varieties like medjools, kiwis, seedless pineapples, seedless citrus fruit, seedless grapes, seedless persimmons, seedless watermelons, beets, carrots, corn, and potatoes.

3. Avoid Un-Natural Sugar Like The Plague 

You must immediately cut out sweets.  Sugar will kill you. In addition, diseases such as cancer and diabetes feed off of sugar. Simply put, cut out the sugar, save your life.

4. Sea salt. 

Real sea salt is unrefined salt which has been taken directly from the sea and dehydrated by the sun, forming a crystalline structure. It is also ultra rich in micronutrients. If you haven’t made the switch from using highly refined, regular, white table salt to natural sea-salt yet, I urge you to do so today. 

5. Herbs. 

Using either fresh or dried herbs can transform your cooking as they add new taste sensations to your food. They can take your cooking from every day food to something quite gourmet. Buy your herbs straight from reputable health food stores or your local food market. My suggestion is if you have green thumb, to grow your own. Some of my favorite herbal teas are elderberry, chamomile, burdock and ginger.

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